Welsh Art For Sale

Welcome to Denise’s galleries. Amongst paintings from Denise's travels, there is also a fine selection of Welsh art for sale.

They have been split up into four galleries depending on the theme of the work. Please click on a theme that interests you to view the individual works under that theme. You can click on a thumbnail to bring up more information such as availability, medium and price.

Inspiring Welsh Paintings For Sale

With such a wide variety of choice, there are many high quality welsh art prints to choose to suit your tastes.

The "Coast" theme includes wonderful images of lighthouses, beaches and harbours, conjuring visions of a peaceful and fresh coastal town.

Our "Varied" section offers figurative, urban and abstract work

The "Trees" section shows the diverse nature of Wales' landscapes and tree population, with vibrant colours and enchanting scenes.


Welsh Art Prints

Finally, the "Welsh Connection" has a selection of inspired Welsh paintings for sale, including many that are synonymous with Wales.

All postage and packing is free, so there are no ‘hidden extras’  upon checkout. We hope you appreciate not only the welsh artwork but also the variety of  Denise Di Battista's portfolio.