Denise Di Battista - Leading Modern Welsh Artist

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Unlike most other modern Welsh artists, I was born in Yorkshire but brought up in Wales. Whatever your artistic roots I believe being an artist is a lifelong learning process.

My style is eclectic, which allows me to alter the execution of the painting to reflect how I see and feel about the subject. I sometimes enjoy capturing real life as it is, but increasingly now I choose to paint a slightly more stylistic vivid version, with great attention paid to colour combinations. The subjects of my paintings are often outdoor natural settings (I am a keen walker) involving strong shadows, reflections and colours that create interesting patterns. I am fascinated by the way a change of perspective reveals a different shape.

I do not however always use the observed world as a starting point. Some of my work is purely mental imagery. These paintings result from a variety of influences, I love the work of the artist Uccelo and of many native artists such as Henri Rousseau and I'm always interested in other local Welsh painters and artists in Wales. I am captivated by the rich jewel like colours, the clean unfussy lines and the balance of strong colours.

As a modern Welsh artist and  obsessive painter, I derive enormous pleasure through being creative, and I hope this is reflected in my work and more importantly transferred to those who see it.

Giclee printing


Giclêe Printing

The Giclêe printing process involves spraying microscopic dots of pigment-based ink onto high quality art paper or canvas. The image is colour corrected to attain the closest possible match to the original work .The digital information is fine tuned to the type of paper or surface on which the image is to be printed, further ensuring fidelity to the original.                          

Paper Prints

All our prints are limited to 125. We use a natural white 315 gm etching paper with a slight texture which gives a sumptuous effect. Each print is double mounted using acid free natural white conservation board, then signed and numbered by the artist complying with Trade Guild Standards.




Canvas Prints
Our canvas prints have been produced as gallery wrap using a ‘reverse image’ on the sides. They are then hand stretched onto heavy duty 38mm kiln dried premium spruce stretcher bars, giving your artwork presence and durability. Once stretched the image is then given two coats using a UV resistant giclée varnish which enhances colour and protection. No framing required and is ready for hanging